Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy at Novatu

Recognizing the need for help with your relationship is a big step! If you are seeking to build a better bond with your partner, or trying to have an amicable divorce and coparent effectively then you are in the right place! Novatu Counseling and Assessment can help with every scenario and challenge with couples therapy or individual therapy! We can help you find the right therapist get you moving in the right direction. At Novatu we work hard to pair you with the right therapist so that initial appointment with all the awkward sharing of emotions and building therapeutic trust is much easier than you expect it will be! Call our support team at Novatu Counseling and Assessment to schedule today at 910-515-4556 extension 2.

Not sure if couples therapy can help?

Still wondering if you may actually need couples counseling? Here are some situations when couples counseling may be a good idea… if any of these situations hit home for you call us to get scheduled!

  • Struggling with communication? Maybe you feel misunderstood, ignored, or simply cannot find the right words to start a conversation with your significant other. Open lines of communication are vital to maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • Finding it difficult to trust your partner? Perhaps you find it difficult to overcome a situation where your significant other left you feeling vulnerable and hurt. We are all tested from time to time as a couple but with the right couples therapist you can make informed decisions about your needs both individually and as a couple moving forward.
  • Lacking satisfaction in physical and emotional intimacy? Life gets busy and other things may be taking priority right now like, career, kids, extended family and other issues that cause us to feel a lack of intimacy in our relationships.
  • Feeling emotionally distant from your partner? We all go through ups and downs and there may not be anything seriously wrong, nothing major has happened but you just feel out of step with your partner. You may feel like the energy in the room feels different and the emotional connection you used to feel seems to have just lost its luster a little. Already see yourself and your partner in the above situations? Call us at (910) 515-4556 ext. 2 to get scheduled!
  • Spending any time wondering how you can feel so alone while in a relationship? Loneliness in a relationship is the worst! If you feel like you are spending more and more time apart, you don’t feel like you have as much in common or you are so busy you are just going through the motions then now may be the time to seek help.
  • Tired of all the arguing and fighting? If you feel like you do nothing but argue, you have no idea how you ever got along or there’s a lot of silent treatment going on in the house; then, somewhere along the line your communication has become disrupted. Having a counselor to help mediate and work through whatever issue is causing the communication to waver can be a huge help!
  • Separating or divorcing and struggling to remain cordial and coparent effectively? Couples therapy or family therapy can help with that too, believe it or not!

A few couples counseling therapeutic techniques we use are Emotionally Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Couples

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidence based treatment for couples with a clear research-based conceptualization of individual growth, health and dysfunction and of relationship distress and adult love. This collaborative and respectful treatment uses a humanistic, experiential approach to restructuring emotional experiences and interactions. The overall goals are to expand and re-organize key emotional responses, create a positive shift in partners interactional positions and patterns and foster the creation of secure bond between partners.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Couples

CBT therapy helps couples identify how they think about problems and helps them change their modes of thinking. The therapist and couple work together to help each partner see how their thoughts influence their daily lives and in turn how they communicate, problem solve and manage conflict with each other. Learning new ways of being and helping each other will develop more adaptive responses, effective communication and conflict resolutions and enable appropriate problems solving skills.

If any of these issues seem like they fit your experience or if you have a great relationship but just feel like there are a few hang-ups occasionally then Novatu Counseling and Assessment is here to help! Call us to schedule an appointment to have the relationship you desire at 910-515-4556 ext. 2.