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Family Therapy

How can Novatu Help Your Family?

Looking up different family therapies and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, we totally understand! Novatu Counseling and Assessment is here to help you wind your way around the family therapy maze. Therapy that incorporates systemic thinking provides the benefit of using multiple concepts from multiple models. We can even integrate individual counseling and couples therapy too! What does that mean? It means that at Novatu you get family therapy specially formulated to meet your needs!

Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with Families are just a few common types of family therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy (CBFT) suggests that relationship dysfunction occurs when individuals hold irrational or unrealistic beliefs about their partners and the relationship. This causes negative evaluations when the partner and relationship fall short of unrealistic expectations. These disappointments lead to strong negative emotions and negative behaviors that cause distress.

CBFT interventions target:

  • Automatic thinking and the connected emotions and behaviors
  • Transgenerational and family of origin schemas
  • Identification and restructuring of schemas and cognitive distortions
  • Undesirable behaviors
  • Anxiety about changing existing patterns in the relationship
  • Acceptance of responsibility for change
  • Resistance as it occurs

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with Families

Solution-Focused Brief Family Therapy is an approach that closely attends to the clients’ views of what they want and the resources they bring to treatment. The stance of SFBFT is curious, respectful, tentative, non-normative, non-pathologizing, believes in client competence and that therapy is positive, collegial and collaborative with future and solution focus.

SFBFT assumes that change is constant and inevitable, clients have resources and the therapists job is to help identify and use them toward therapy goals; there is no necessarily logical relationship between the problem and solution, focus on what is possible and changeable rather than what is overwhelming and intractable, small changes lead to bigger changes, clients are the experts on their lives; therapists are the experts on asking questions that will help them reach the lives they want and that therapy is co-constructed. SFBT utilizes well-formed goals and questions are the main tool in the SFBT therapists toolbox along with compliments that validate client’s concerns and progress.

Novatu’s Modern Family Therapy

Modern Family Therapy and Theories have evolved and account for a systemic overview of the family in their environment. Most therapists often utilize integrative therapies and techniques that allow for the family to have individualized treatment that can create sustainable change in shorter periods of time. Novatu Counseling and Assessment believes that every client should have the most individualized treatment possible to increase the likelihood of success and provide motivation to continue when things get tough. Not only can we help with family related issues but dating and friendship struggles as well! Call us to get scheduled at 910-515-4556 ext 2 and our support team will be glad to help.