Counseling Wilmington, North Carolina


Counseling Wilmington, North Carolina
Individual Counseling


Feeling stuck, lonely, anxious, burned out? You aren’t alone and we can help! Check us out, we are sure you are in the right place >>
Couples Counseling


Ever wonder why love is so complicated? Let us help get you and your partner on stable ground and thriving in your relationship >>
Family Therapy


Let’s be honest, being a family is hard! Families all have different needs and every child may need different parenting strategies. Let us help you find your way >>
Psychological Testing


Struggling to keep up at work or school? If you are having a hard time we can help you get some clear answers about what may be happening! >>

Our Specialties

Culturally Responsive Counseling

Cultural competence is just a start. We all need to reflect deeper. If you are looking for a therapist with cultural humility we can help.

Past Hurts & Trauma

We know that everyone gets hurt at some point in life. It’s part of what makes us human. Working through that hurt can be daunting but with trauma focused treatment by an experienced trauma specialist at Novatu you can experience the freeing result of trauma related treatment.


Feeling like you can’t stop worrying? Stressed out, restless or unable to sleep? Anxiety is a common complaint and Novatu can help.


Sadness can make you feel stuck, zap your energy and even increase chronic pain. If you feel like an outsider in  your own life and you want to get back to the life you desire then Novatu is here to help.

Life Transitions & Adulting

FOMO? Drowning in student debt, worried about the job market, still trying to figure out who you are? Luckily these life struggles are part of what makes us human! You are definitely not alone and we are happy to help!

Dating and Friendship Issues

Frustrated with first dates, feeling like life is one big swipe left? Craving a connection but struggling to find the right partner? Finding the balance of time with work/school, friends, partner and some alone time is so hard! We can help you become more mindful, resilient and empathic with your self and others

Personal Growth

Hoping to work with someone who works with you to determine what you want to accomplish? If you are looking to level up we are ready to help!


Why Choose Us?

Novatu focuses on creating a positive and safe place to express emotions, explore past hurts and current stressors and learn new skills. From the initial request to the final appointment we do everything we can to ensure you receive the best care possible. Our clinicians are hand-picked for their experience, specialty areas and their unwavering desire to provide excellent evidence based practices. We help our clients move beyond difficult life events so that they can meet their goals and achieve personal growth. Novatu Counseling and Assessment stands ready to help guide you through whatever is going on in your life. You are not alone. We are ready and waiting to help you pivot and find yourself.