Personal Growth

Looking to level up at work? Desiring more positive and intimate relationships with others? Focusing on success at school? Having moments where you wish you hadn’t said that or could have managed your mood a little better?

Maybe “therapy” or counseling feels like just a little too much. Often the need for someone to talk to that can help you meet and exceed your goals seems subtle and we aren’t really sure if it’s “necessary.” Society tells us that we “should be able to handle it on our own.” Unfortunately this is a huge myth! We are social beings and meant to have help from others. The therapists at Novatu Counseling and Assessment are great at helping you achieve the goals you desire by drawing from evidence based therapies to help teach you new skills! Once a person takes on an education about a particular topic they are considered experts, right? We wouldn’t think of trying to work in areas in which we don’t have the expertise to work. Daily we rely on others with a different set of skills and knowledge to do things for which we just don’t have the education. If you just need a few new skills, just need someone to guide you through a rough patch or difficult decision give us a call! We are happy to help get you back on your feet! Call Novatu at 910-515-4556 ext. 2!