Dating and Friendship Issues

Novatu provides counseling and coaching to help you find your way through difficult spots in all your relationships. Do you attract the same type of friend? You know the one who only calls when they want something? Keep getting put in the “friend zone?”

Crumbling Adult Friendships

Relationships are hard! Friendships, romantic interests and family relationships they are all so difficult to maintain. Ever wake up and realize you are lonely? There seems to be an odd tension centered around friendships that no one ever talks about. The idea that friends would always be putting in maximum effort is great; but isn’t the case in real life.Throughout time our family and social circles have primed us for marriage. However, with cultural and generational shifts marriage has become less desirable . Millennials, Zoomers and Gen Alphas may never get married or may get married later in life. Many young adults feel like a college education often trumps marriage and career goals have taken priority over building a family.

While we are out there building careers and lives often we forget how to make and keep friends. Communication fails, there’s a lack of transparency and misunderstandings go unresolved. After all this our friendships seems to just fade away. Maybe it’s time to speak the tension, relearn friendships and for the work toward healing a broken friendship, or at least understanding where it all went wrong. Call Novatu Counseling and Assessment at (910) 515-4556  ext. 2 and schedule an appointment today.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors within relationships that are used to gain or maintain power over others. It is a global problem that can happen to anyone, regardless of their age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. Often, it is a spouse against a spouse, partner against partner, or a parent against a child. When your relationship isn’t going the way you thought it’s pretty confusing.  You may be wondering if whatever is happening is actually domestic violence, abuse or maltreatment. No one wants a relationship in which you feel devalued, unloved or less than. Novatu is here to help you sort it out. Call Novatu Counseling and Assessment now at (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

Working through the Hurt

Domestic violence survivors almost always bear emotional scars as a result of the abuse. Seeking counseling is a good first step in the process of healing these scars. Getting support through counseling gives you an unbiased mental health professional who can listen and offer helpful tools and skills on ways to manage the painful emotions, heal from the trauma, and move forward with life. Every case of domestic violence is different, and the skilled counselors at Novatu will vary their treatment approach to tailor the experiences and symptoms of each client they see.

You may be suffering in ways you don’t know about

One of the most important things for any survivor to understand is that the effects of the abuse may continue even once the abuse itself has stopped. There are some long-lasting symptoms that may seem obvious, even visible, while others lurk unseen. Anxiety, posttraumatic stress, self-blame, and suicidal thoughts are not uncommon. Feelings of depression, emotional distancing, sexual issues common after domestic abuse. There can be physical symptoms, too, including chronic aches and pains, problems with reproduction, bladder and kidney infections, digestive issues, and migraine headaches. Contact us today and let our well-trained counselors help you work through this challenging time. Here at Novatu, your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance. Call us today and set up your first appointment (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

Millennial with a crumbling relationship?

Millennial relationships often start…and end online. Social media is great, right? Swipe left, swipe right, choosing a date is so easy now. That first impression picture can make or break that first date. So many partners are suffering with issues that COVID-19 isolation seems to have intensified. Between phubbing, liking the wrong person’s IG pic, over or undersharing on social media, distractions both online and off, commitment issues and communication mishaps it’s pretty easy to sink a relationship. If you are finding that you are communicating mostly over DM and you aren’t sure about your relationship’s future call Novatu today we are happy to help you (910) 515-4556  ext. 2.

Married millennial trying to save your relationship? Do you have a new baby or a zoomer in kindergarten? Most millennials who are parents will place parenthood and marriage above career and financial success. Millennial parents have a 40% chance of being raised by a single parent but 60% of millennial parents with a Gen Alpha child say being a parent is rewarding all of the time. Millennial parents struggle admitting they may be praising their Gen Alpha child a little too much.

Effects of COVID-19 on Generation Alpha

Every 9 seconds a member of Gen Alpha is born in the US. If the trends hold Gen Alpha will be more racially and ethnically diverse than Gen Z, more likely to go to college, more likely to grow up in a single parent household and more likely to be surrounded by college-educated adults. Gen Alpha is the most technologically literate generation with Apple launching the iPad while Gen Alpha was beginning. Technology defines the Gen Alpha childhood while COVID-19 will most likely be Gen Alpha’s defining childhood moment. The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools and employers to operate from home and screen time soared. Families isolated and both play dates and extracurriculars were halted. No generation is prepared for social interaction with those outside of their family to just stop!

Generation Z Struggles

All our relationships took a hit in 2020, but so far the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have hit Gen Z the hardest. Zoomers had a rough transition from high school to college and missed out on some of the most important milestones a teen or young adult will experience. High school prom, graduation, first date, going “off” to college were replaced with drive through graduation celebrations, online schooling, zoom dating, Freshman year of college at home, fighting for internet speed and use of the only laptop in the house and financial insecurity and anxiety about the future.

Despite all the challenges we hope that Gen Z will come out more resilient, but previous environmental tragedies have shown that some will and some won’t. If you are struggling with the thought of going back to school full-time, in person; depressed, anxious or lonely at home, stressed about your parents and family after a year of job loss and your family facing potential moves and depending on public services you never needed before then call Novatu at (910) 515-4556 ext. 2. We know the pandemic has been hard and we are specially trained to help!

So far research on Gen Z has reported teens across all genders, races and income levels say that anxiety and depression are significant problems among peers. While 56% of Millennials reports their mental health is good or excellent only 45% of Gen Z report the same rating. Despite Gen Z being the most depressed and anxious generation on record, zoomers are also more likely to seek help through counseling and therapy! If you identify with the chronic stress from gun violence, harassment and abuse, politics, social media and the worry of financial instability you are not alone. We are here to help! Give us a call to schedule at (910) 515-4556 ext 2.


Are you afraid your friends, family or coworkers just “won’t get it?” Is the fear of judgement and rejection leaving you paralyzed or angry? Are you wishing that you had the help to find courage? Living your life the way you want to live it shouldn’t come with a price. Are are struggling and just hoping someone will understand, or at least be willing to learn about your struggle? If so, then Novatu is the place for you. We accept everyone who walks through the door, regardless of their struggle, their sex, gender identity, age, nationality, background. Regardless of who you are we are here to support and guide you in making decisions that work for you. Call us for an appointment at (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

The stigma and discrimination LGBTQIA2S+ individuals often face can be a severe impediment to their well-being. LGBTQIA2S+ affirmative therapy can help empower individuals and help them navigate challenges effectively. Whether you are struggling with mental health issues, your identity, or just need someone to talk to, the therapists at Novatu can help.

Our therapists have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and couples face. You may be feeling sad, lonely, anxious, angry, or concerned with your relationship. You might have questions regarding your sexuality, self-judgment, or difficulty negotiating and defining your sexuality with friends and family. Working with a therapist with whom you feel accepted and supported can help in getting clarity about these issues. If you are more comfortable in your own environment we can see you online! Call us to schedule an appointment with a therapist who is eager and willing to help (910) 515-4556 ext 2.

Online Counseling

The internet can make everything easily accessible, from your favorite take-out delivered to your doorstep, online shopping and establishing medical and psychotherapy services. This accessibility can be an extremely helpful resource, but can also hinder productivity, interactions with others and can blur the line between work and home. Novatu in Wilmington offers online therapy and there’s a great chance your insurance will cover it much like it provides coverage for in person appointments. If you are in between insurance carriers then we are still here for you with online therapy that you can pay for out of pocket.

Novatu Online Counseling in Wilmington, NC provides convenient, discrete, HIPAA compliant online therapy for all. Novatu’s online therapists can help you heal from trauma, set new goals, work through the stress the current pandemic or maybe even emotions that are coming up now that you are home more than ever!

Online therapy offers the same exceptional experience as in-person therapy at Novatu Counseling and Assessment. The online therapy schedule is the same as the schedule in office with flexible appointment times to meet your needs. Don’t wait to be the best version of you! Call now (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

Will Online Counseling Help Me?

Online counseling is used in times like the current pandemic when clients can’t get out of their house, or their therapist is not having in person meetings. It is also used in other scenarios in which you may not want to, or be able to, leave work, fight traffic or your schedule is so busy that you may not be able to get into the office but you can meet online. These are definitely situations in which online therapy may be the best option for you! As is the case with all therapy formats, there are times when online counseling may not be the right format for you right now. Novatu in Wilmington is happy to help you figure that out!

How do I Schedule Online Counseling?

Novatu in Wilmington is ready and happy to provide you the caring guidance and support you need to live a happy and productive life. There has never been a better time to work on yourself! Most insurance plans cover telehealth for mental health services. Call today to get scheduled (910) 515-4556 ext. 2!