Life Transitions & Adulting

Adjustment to Change/Life Transitions

Transitions are a natural part of life: marriage, birth, death, a move, a new job, divorce, retirement, aging – the list goes on. And through it all, the one constant we can count on is change. And with change can come emotion, good and bad, the byproducts of which may include stress, problems with sleep, fear, fragility, vulnerability, or depression.

Your ability to cope with these life transitions depends on a lot of factors, including your current mental health, support system, personal resilience and strengths, economics, health, prior transitions, and other stressors.

Life transition counseling sessions can help you work through the process of recognizing your thoughts and emotions as well as developing the skills that can help you to regulate and cope with them. During your life transition therapy sessions, the counselors at Novatu Wilmington will work with you using different approaches, either separately or in combination with one another. This way, you can feel more stable and confident as you move through this important time of your life.

Engaging in therapy to learn healthy coping mechanisms for life transitions can be extremely beneficial for anyone’s mental health and overall well-being. If you are ready to learn proven strategies to ease your body and mind through this transitional time, call our professional counselors at Novatu Wilmington today and set up an initial appointment: (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

Adjustment to College Life

First-year college students often form expectations about college life long before they leave home. Some young adults look forward to college, eager to experience more freedom and adventure. Others may be enthusiastic initially but then discover that the experience falls short of their expectations. To top it all off the last year has been unlike any other year with COVID-19, online schooling and the disappointment, or excitement, about schooling from home instead of living in a dorm. College can be tough, but Novatu is here to help. Whether you are feeling down, anxious or uncomfortable in your new environment talking with a counselor can help! No matter what the expectation nearly every new student will face unexpected challenges and sometimes even positive life changes produce stress or feelings of worry. All the feelings we have are normal, but if you need someone to help get you through we would love to support you. Call us to schedule an appointment at (910) 515-4556 ext. 2!

The first year of college isn’t always the hardest transition. This year with things returning to normal, somewhat, it may be more stressful than last year. Or this may be your 3rd or 4th year and you are worried about graduating, landing that first career related role or job and moving on. Regardless of the issues that are coming up for you, we want you to know you are not alone. If you are struggling with the transition to college the counselors at Novatu Counseling

and Assessment are ready to support you and meet you where you are. Contact us today and a member of our support team will get you connected with a counselor who will be a great fit for you! Call us at (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

Ready? Set? Goals!

Dr. Billy Mitchell of the Power of Positive Students gave us some stats to look at: 87% of people do not have goals, 10% of people have goals but don’t write them down and3% of people have written goals. The 3% succeed in accomplishing 50 to 100 times more than all the others! Interestingly enough goal setting works. It gives us something to look forward to. It builds hope as we work toward accomplishing our goals. It gives us the focus we need to measure our own success by or own effort, actions and guidelines.

Perhaps you know exactly what you want to achieve, but have no idea how to get there.
That’s where goal setting comes in. Goals are the first step towards planning for the future and play a fundamental role in the development of skills in various facets of life, from work to relationships and everything in between. Understanding the importance of goals and the steps involved in setting achievable goals paves the way for success.

Why Set Goals?

If accomplishing a life dream was easy, everyone would do it. However, a lot of people know what it is like to come up short—to want to achieve but fail.

Setting goals, especially the right kind of goals, can help by…

  • Focusing your attention on what is important
  • Providing motivation
  • Refocusing & aligning behavior
  • Sustaining momentum through challenges & setbacks
  • Triggering self-control

Remember your Target!

When most people heard the words “goal setting,” they likely think of some tasks they know they should do but do not want to: eating vegetables, making the bed, flossing teeth, and so on. However, one of the tips for success is to prioritize fun. The point of setting a goal is not to be miserable; it is to keep what people value, love, and enjoy at the forefront of their attention.

A few examples of goals that people might set include:

  • Career: What kind of job do you want to do?
  • Financial: What do you want to earn, and what kind of life do you want to sustain?
  • Pleasurable: What do you enjoy in life? What is fun for you?
  • Educational: Is there something you want to learn or explore?
  • Familial: What kind of familial relationships do you want to cultivate? With your parents, siblings, spouse, children, extended family, et cetera?
  • Artistic: Is there an artistic or musical skill you want to learn or practice?
  • Attitude: What kind of person you want to be? More patient? More caring? More self-assured?
  • Physical: What level of health would you like to enjoy?

Let Novatu in Wilmington Help you reach your Goals! Call today (910) 515-4556.

Is there something you want to achieve in life? Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument? Earn a higher wage? Go back to school? Maybe you just want more—more focus, more purpose, and more self-control over how you spend your time. If you are ready to speak to a mental health professional about setting and achieving a goal, the counselors at Novatu Counseling and Coaching are eager to help you reach your goals! (910) 515-4556

Online Counseling:

The internet can make everything easily accessible, from your favorite take-out delivered to your doorstep, online shopping and establishing medical and psychotherapy services. This accessibility can be an extremely helpful resource, but can also hinder productivity, interactions with others and can blur the line between work and home. Novatu offers online therapy and there’s a great chance your insurance will cover it much like it provides coverage for in person appointments. If you are in between insurance carriers then we are still here for you with online therapy that you can pay for out of pocket.

Novatu Online Counseling provides convenient, discrete, HIPAA compliant online therapy for adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. We can help you heal from trauma, set new goals, work through the stress of COVID-19 or maybe even emotions that are coming up now that you are home more than ever! We can even help as you get back out into life and are going back to work or school.

Online therapy offers the same exceptional experience as in-person therapy at Novatu Counseling and Assessment. The online therapy schedule is the same as the schedule in office with flexible appointment times to meet your needs. Don’t wait to be the best version of you! Call now (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.

Will Online Counseling Help Me?

Online counseling is used in times like the current pandemic when clients can’t get out of their house, or their therapist is not having in person meetings. It is also used in other scenarios in which you may not want to, or be able to, leave work, fight traffic or your schedule is so busy that you may not be able to get into the office but you can meet online. These are definitely situations in which online therapy may be the best option for you! As is the case with all therapy formats, there are times when online counseling may not be the right format for you right now. Novatu in Wilmington is happy to help you figure that out!

How do I Schedule Online Counseling?

Novatu in Wilmington is ready and happy to provide you the caring guidance and support you need to live a happy and productive life. There has never been a better time to work on yourself and become the best you in 2020! Most insurance plans cover telehealth for mental health services. Call today to get scheduled (910) 515-4556 ext. 2.